About Us

BEAMS Holistic Therapy College was Founded in 1988 for the promotion of, and education in, the art of Natural Therapies, Holistic Health and Personal Growth through deeper understanding of the Spirituality of our Being.

It is dedicated to the education of people who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of the deeper meaning of life. Persons who qualify as professional holistic therapists are trained to acknowledge that people exist on a variety of levels, body, mind, and soul. In applying their art, graduates would acknowledge an eclectic approach to health, other Allopathic and Holistic treatments, and bring to clients in all stages of life and illness, the essence of wellness of being.

Participants who attend are interested in their own personal development and or therapies within the holistic field. Persons may wish to study for their own enjoyment while others do so for a career change. If you have not studied for some time this is not an issue as training is suitable for all levels and all ages and is provided in an encouraging, nurturing, relaxed environment to a very high professional standard.


B.E.A.M.S. Holistic Therapy College is recognised by Quality & Qualifications Ireland, formerly FETAC,  and I.T.E.C. The International Therapy Examination Council.

Irish Reflexologist’s Institute. The College is recognised by the Irish Reflexologist’s Institute, the leading organisation of Reflexology in Ireland North & South. It was established to promote the therapy professionally and to raise and maintain standards within the industry. The Association of Reflexologists in the UK. This is the largest and best known of Reflexology organisations in the UK. They are recognised for Assurance of quality, professionalism and very high standards. Assessments are carried out under the auspices of the Awarding Body Consortium U.K. - a Government recognized Educational body.


“You’re a really great teacher and so easy to understand”

“I found the course enjoyable and it was taught to a very high standard”

"I will find it hard to enjoy another course as much as I found Martina’s teaching”

“Anatomy & Physiology is definitely not an overly exciting subject either to teach or learn, but somehow you made it interesting and simple to learn. Every class flew.”

“Sound knowledge yet not too heavy”

“A fabulous course. I really enjoyed it”.

“I was very impressed at the amount and quality of information imparted”.

“The poem about the Village School Master by Goldsmith came to mind so many times during this enjoyable course .. “that one small head could carry all she knew”".

“The patience and encouragement of the tutor created a warm atmosphere that made for enjoyment and easy learning.”

“The use of visual presentations and the Holistic teaching method was fantastic.”

“Loved the way Martina delivered the course. Very good teacher and so interesting to listen to.”